Omaggio ad un uomo di grande valore e di grandi valori.
Amico della Cultura e della Pace, Ezio Nazari ha perseguito per tutta la vita la diffusione del rispetto reciproco fra le culture e ha promosso senza sosta gli scambi culturali tra Cina e Italia contribuendo visibilmente, anche attraverso la collaborazione con il Raccolto, ad avvicinare il mondo artistico italiano a quello della Repubblica Popolare Cinese

Sunlight of love

"Wish Ezio's soul merging into our souls for ever and ever!
Wish Eternity in Spirit and Nature bringing all of us a bright future!"

Eternal Eagle: Lament for Great Ezio Nazari
By Zhang Wei

You, serenely lying there,
Yet your soul silently lying here.
In the chilly wind,
I do not know where I am,
Where you go, where I go,
As my heart has gone with you.
O the candle in the wind,
Who could caress you
Along the far road to the heaven?

My tears flying,
Along all the paths with you
In the past days, and all the birch trees
Whispering all your devotion
To the cultural exchange activities
Between China and Italy!
As snow flakes fluttering
Down your grave,
Could you feel my pure love
Around you forever and ever?

Along the far road to the heaven,
You are not alone, as all our love
Veiling you from the east to the west,
And the eternity your holy mind left
Would be the phosphor for human
Shining upon the vast plains and mountains!

All the time in your life,
Your mercy and great spirit
Glowing above Apennines Peninsula
And rippling in the azure sea waves!
As Mediterranean Sea whispering
All our sorrows and pains in the wind,
O the twilight of nightfall,
Could you tenderly chant the odes
We dedicate to our Angel Ezio,
The great eternity in nature and spirit?

If you feel chillness there,
Just feel all of us as little angles
Around you all day and all night!

Facing the moonlight of heaven,
How many poems from your soul
Raining and flying all your life!
As you silently left us in this special season,
My poor words cannot reveal
All my feelings to you,
Yet flowing from my soul!
As the red rose petals scattering
Down from your heaven,
That’s my eternal yearning for you!

If the chilly wind rustling through you,
Just feel my lament for you,
As so warm and soft blanket
Embracing you gently and gently!

December the fifteenth this year
Would be an unforgettable day
In all our minds, as the green grasses
Singing around your grave
In the forthcoming spring,
Flocks of white pigeons would soar
With your splendid thoughts,
And your epitaph would set up a stele
In the path to the human peace!

As one day I fly to heaven,
I will gently open the windows and doors
For you, to show the human vicissitudes
Only a crystal drop of the ocean
With the name of human lives,
And love is the pearl glittering
In the twilight of dawn forever!

O our eternal Eagle, our great Ezio,
Could you feel my whispering,
A lament in the glory
Of eternity in spirit and nature?
O our eternal Eagle, our great Ezio,
Bless sereneness with you forever!

Guangzhou, midnight, 15 December 2009